SSuite Office Lemon Juice


A free and very comprehensive office package


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SSuite Office Lemon Juice is an office package that's free, comprehensive, and accessible.

Since SSuitesoftware's objective is to make your life easier they are offering the SSuite Office Lemon Juice package, a text editor that's very comprehensive and can work with almost any format. Perhaps the best feature is the fact that, when you open it, the application gives you the option to choose the kind of document you want to create, no matter whether it's a simple page of text or a spreadsheet. Once you've made your choice, the application will open the document in question in just a matter of seconds, leaving everything ready for you to work. Another interesting feature is that the application makes shortcuts to the documents you've recently worked on. That way, you can open them directly from within the application without having to find them in your folders.

With a simple and elegant interface that's also more colorful than the other text editors that you already know about, SSuite Office Lemon Juice presents a very interesting alternative. And with these new features, it's definitely worth trying.